Garda Lake and surroundings

Monte Baldo

Monte Baldo belongs to the Venetian Prealps and it emerges from the east coast of the Lake Garda and the Lagarina Valley.

The highest peak, the Valdritta peak, is 2239 meters high. Climbing the mountain, one can feel different climate zones: at first there is the evergreen Mediterranean Belt made of olive trees and holms; then you can find oak and chestnut trees.

Monte Baldo was once known as “Hortus Europae” and nowadays it attracts not only amatorial alpinists but also many nature and mountain lovers. There are plenty of sports one can do on the top of the mountain, there is also a cable-car and chair-lifts that will take you to the top.

San Zeno di Montagna

San Zeno di Montagna is a village with lots of romantic and picturesque streets. It’s situated on the south-west side of Monte Baldo and it’s completely surrounded by plants and flowers of all kinds.

San Zeno di Montagna is an ideal place for people who enjoy peaceful surroundings and being in touch with uncontaminated nature.

Malcesine-Monte Baldo cableway

The Monte Baldo cableway is surely the easiest and fastest way to reach the top of the mountain in order to enjoy the breath-taking views of the lake. You can board with your dog, nordic walking poles, your mountain bike or even your paraglider wing. The starting station is in Malcesine, 99 metres above sea level, then there is an intermediate station at San Michele, at an altitude of 580 metres. The final stop is in Tratto Spino on Monte Baldo, 1780 metres high.

There is also a chair-lift, called “Seggiovia Prada-Montebaldo”; it is in the proximity of San Zeno di Montagna and it reaches an altitude of 1910 meters. The journey starts in Prada (1056 meters high), it has an intermediate station in the Mondini hut (1501 meters high) and finally it arrives in Costabella. The chair-lift is now closed till 2020 but it certainly offers you an amazing view.

Taking a walk

San Zeno di Montagna is surrounded by many paths that lead to the heights of Monte Baldo. These trails are usually explored by foot, but one can easily access them by mountain-bike.

By following the tracks of the alms, you can enjoy the experience of the simple life of the shepherds… you can even try to make butter and cheese. On the way back from Monte Baldo you find yourself in a world full of incredible scents and extraordinary sights, including the panoramic view of the Lake Garda. From the top of the mountain you can see Monte Rosa, Verona and of course the surface of the lake.

There are several paths and tracks, ask at the reception desk for further information.

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Amusement parks

GARDALAND Italy’s n.1 amusement park is waiting for you! If you are looking for adrenaline and strong emotions, Gardaland is the best choice. This park offers a whole range of attractions and roller coasters for children and for adults… basically for the whole family! .

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JUNGLE ADVENTURE If you are an adventurous person and you like staying in touch with nature, Jungle Adventure is the right place where you can prove how brave and fit you are! It’s located in San Zeno di Montagna, where you can spend a whole day surrounded by wild nature.

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AQUAPARADISE The Caneva World, in Lazise sul Garda, has a lot of theme parks: Movieland, Aquaparadise, Medieval Times and Rockstar. Movieland is the theme park entirely dedicated to the cinema world, where you can feel like a movie star among actors, stuntmen and extraordinary special effects. Aquaparadise is the ideal place for people who love having fun with water attractions..

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The ancient city of Verona is well known as the city of Romeo and Juliet’s love story. Shakespeare’s work has clearly contributed to the fame of Verona, but the history of this city goes even beyond that. Verona was built on the banks of the Adige river and it has a plenty of streets, monuments and gates from the Roman Empire. The usual stroll begins in Piazza Bra and it ends in Piazza delle Erbe. The elegant Via Mazzini is a part of this journey, just as Piazza dei Signori, where you can find a statue of Dante Alighieri, the most famous Italian poet and writer.

The city is surrounded by medieval walls and closed by massive gates of extraordinary beauty. The history of Verona is highlighted by several monuments from the Renaissance, the Middle Ages and the Roman Empire. This city hosts the Lyric Season in the Arena amphitheatre and the Wein fair “Vinitaly”, which attracts lots of people from all over Europe. Verona, with its history, draws plenty of people every year.