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Monte Baldo

Seen from the south, on a clear winter’s day, Mount Baldo stands in all its imposing beauty: a candid white peak and slopes that are now warmed by the first breezes of spring.

This image sums up the extraordinary characteristic of this place: a mountain that comes alive in every season. In winter, the “Garden of Europe,” much admired for its prodigious blooms during the other seasons, is transformed into a paradise for snow-lovers and skiing enthusiasts alike. On Mount Baldo, every season has its own irresistible charm, and is a constant invitation to experience this mountain in all its different and surprising variations.

Mount Baldo is therefore the ideal place to observe or study many different animal and plant species that are now rare elsewhere. However, at the same time, it is perfect for hikers and enthusiasts who are able to appreciate and respect the enchanting nature of this area. The particular geographical position means that it is possible to enjoy extraordinary panoramic views – as if suspended between the sky and the earth – from a natural terrace that is easily reached by cable car.